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Beyond Protection: 3 ways to get the most out of security automation

It’s certainly true that when it comes to home security systems, protection from burglary is the main reason why residents get it. But there are plenty of other uses that homeowners and renters can get out of their system, especially when ADT Pulse security automation comes into play. You know that you’re already protected through ADT monitoring, but perhaps you haven’t thought about other more practical, everyday uses of your security automation system that aren’t necessarily related to protection.

There’s no reason to worry about break-ins on your property – ADT monitored home security has you covered. Take some time to learn about how you can get the most out of ADT Pulse in order to make your daily routine just a little bit easier.

1. Use video monitoring to look after your pets


If you’re a pet owner, you understand the struggle involved in having to be gone during the day for work while doing everything you can to take care of them. You don’t want to keep your dog in a their crate all day, but also get worried about their safety. You also don’t want to come home with a sofa that has been torn to shreds.

When you’re out during the day, you can use video monitoring through ADT monitored home security to see where your pets are within your home. Through your computer, tablet or smartphone, you’ll be able to access all aspects of ADT Pulse whenever you want to check on the status or settings of your system, including video.

Rest a little bit easier as you get a live stream of your pets in your home.

2. Save on energy

Energy bills, especially in the summer and winter, can put a real damper on anyone’s finances. Having heat or air conditioning on for hours on end isn’t just a fiscal burden, but also rough on power grids and the environment. Security automation through ADT Pulse can cut back on the usage of your HVAC system when it doesn’t need to be in use.

When you’re out of the house, ADT Pulse security automation lets you check on the temperature of your home and adjust accordingly. Perhaps you meant to turn off your heating/cooling before you left, but were in a rush and had to head out of the door in a rush. You don’t have to worry about wasted energy through ADT Pulse when you’re able to power down from anywhere you happen to be.

3. Check on the latest news and weather


Want to keep track of what’s happening in and around your community? The touchscreen panel (not available with all plans) provides you with access to the latest weather, traffic reports, news and more. Think of it as the ultimate “home base” of your daily life where you get up-to-date information all in one panel.

Whether your lunch break is 30 minutes or a whole hour, you can handle everything you want and need to right from the touch panel, including changing your security automation settings while getting the latest weather updates. Be in the know all from one panel. This is how ADT monitored home security provides more than just peace-of-mind with home protection.

How do you get the most out of your ADT Pulse security automation system?

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