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ADT Now Provides Digital Protection


Since ADT was founded in 1874 (141 years go), we’ve strived to provide the best home business monitoring systems available in North America. Now, with over 6.4 million current customers, we continue to provide exceptional, cutting-edge technology and unbeatable services.

As things have been getting more mobile and digitalized, it’s now just as crucial to protect your digital information. That’s why we’ve recently teamed up with McAfee. We want to ensure your digital life in addition to the physical safety of your property. ADT can now help you do both.

Digital protection is essential! The mobile security statistics are startling.

  • In 2011, mobile malware grew by 155%. This encompasses various mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, laptops, etc.).
  • 40% of mobile users don’t use password protection. Anyone can access sensitive personal information anytime a smartphone is unattended.
  • 51% of mobile users connect to unsecured wireless networks— despite the fact that people can spy on the browsing session.

McAfee LiveSafe™ ADT®Security Edition Protection secures your digital life— keeping all of your data safe in one convenient service.

McAfee LiveSafe ADT Security Edition Protection includes:

  • Complete Anti-Virus Protection. This includes Malware Protection.
  • Mobile Security Protection. Many smartphones and other Internet-enabled mobile devices are not protected. Just think of all the different websites you browse each day! The risk of picking up a virus or someone stealing your information is startling. But, now you can protect your devices from any online threat.
  • Multiple Device Protection. Be able to protect all of your digital information, regardless of the type of device. Whether it’s desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone…Android or a Mac, McAfee LiveSafe ADT Security Edition Protection secures it all.
  • Secure Cloud Storage. Keep your home and business files safe and secure when you use Cloud storage.
  • Password Manager. Protect and manage your passwords effortlessly.

With all the different types of accounts that we access everyday— whether it’s a bank account, email account, social media account, etc., there’s plenty of information to protect.

A large portion of our identities are available online; it’s time that we properly protect it. Tighten your digital security.

McAfee LiveSafe ADT Security Edition Protection means having a peace of mind.

Currently, the partnership between ADT and McAfee is in addition to ADT Pulse® services. Call us today to learn more about the McAfee LiveSafe™ ADT® Security Edition Protection, available in your city.


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