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If you are on the market for a home security system, you’ve undoubtedly examined different package options from other monitoring providers. After all, you are looking for the perfect fit for your home in order to keep your home and loved ones safe from a variety of dangers, such as burglaries, carbon monoxide, fires and extreme temperature fluctuations. When it comes to packages provided by ADT monitoring, you’ll first notice that there are four different package options to choose from—which means we have something that caters to virtually any home security need.

ADT packages come equipped with cutting-edge technology for the ultimate home security protection. You see, ADT monitoring has the constant resolve to be the pioneer in bringing households the latest security components available today. We don’t provide dated products—just take a look at how we go above and beyond to deliver the best technology to homes throughout North America:

ADT Pulse

ADT Pulse is at the forefront of where technology and innovation meet. Both the ADT Pulse and ADT Pulse + Video packages provide remote home monitoring. This means that your alarm system can be remotely managed from any location, using the Pulse App on an Internet-enabled smartphone or tablet.

The ADT Pulse package, allows homeowners to remotely arm & disarm the security system, adjust the thermostat, turn lights and appliances on & off, as well as receive custom alerts and notifications.

The ADT Pulse + Video package allows homeowners to remotely arm & disarm the security system, as well as view video footage remotely from any location. Now you can know what’s going on in and outside your home with the simple glance of your smartphone or tablet.

You’ve now learned about ADT Pulse, but ADT monitoring still has additional technology in the mix. These include the utilization of two products: Ring video doorbell and Nest Learning Thermostat. Both of these products further enhance home security protection, while also delivering added convenience and functionality to any home.


The Ring video doorbell is Wi-Fi enabled and serves two purposes: alert the homeowner of when someone is at the door (which it can also do remotely on a smartphone) and two: provide video footage of who is at the front door. Since there is the video footage component, homeowners can scrutinize whether or not they want to answer the door—without even getting up to see who is there. And if the homeowner is away from home, they’ll be notified when someone has rang the doorbell and be able to remotely talk to whoever is at the doorstep.

Nest Learning Thermostat

Nest Learning Thermostat propels energy-efficiency and greener living. As a smart, learning thermostat, it learns your preferred room temperatures during the different times of the day. It also has remote capabilities, which allows homeowners to adjust the thermostat from any location using their smartphone.

ADT monitoring has been in business since 1874 and has led the way in home security system since it’s founding. Technology is at the center of keeping you safe, which is why you should depend on a provider that only delivers the best—and that is ADT monitoring. It’s how we stand apart from the rest.

Call us today to get ADT Pulse or learn more about Ring video doorbell or Nest Learning Thermostat.

$99 Customer Installation Charge. 36-Month Monitoring Agreement required at $36.99 per month ($1,331.64). 24-Month Monitoring Agreement required at $36.99 ($887.76) for California, including Quality Service Plan (QSP). Form of payment must be by credit card or electronic charge to your checking or savings account. Offer applies to homeowners only. Local permit fees may be required. Satisfactory credit history required. Termination Fee applies. Certain restrictions may apply. Offer valid for new ADT Authorized Premier Provider customers only and not on purchases from ADT LLC. Other rate plans available. Cannot be combined with any other offer.
ADT Pulse Installation starts at $199. Burglary, Fire, Carbon Monoxide and Medical Alert monitoring requires purchase and/or activation of an ADT security system with monitored Burglary, Fire, Carbon Monoxide and Medical Alert devices. Fire, Carbon Monoxide and Medical Alert services are an additional charge. Quality Service Plan (QSP) is ADT’s Extended Limited Warranty. 36-month monitoring contract required from $52.99 per month, ($1,871.64), including Quality Service Plan (QSP). Additional charges may apply in areas that require guard response service for municipal alarm verification. Prices subject to change. Prices may vary by market. Some insurance companies offer discounts on Homeowner’s Insurance. Please consult your insurance company. Local permit fees may be required. Satisfactory credit history required. Additional monitoring fees required for some services. Photos are for illustrative purposes only and may not reflect the exact product/service actually provided.