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KRQE: Albuquerque-area Man Posing as ADT Employee

RIO RANCHO, N.M. (KRQE– People in the Albuquerque-area are warning their neighbors to watch out because they say a suspicious man has been going door to door claiming he’ll upgrade home security systems. Neighbors believe the man may be up to no good.

Meanwhile, police believe this man may be connected to a similar case in Albuquerque.

Rio Rancho Police say they’ve taken several calls recently about a man knocking on doors of homes with ADT Security company signs in their front yard. According to police, the man is then asking people to let him in, claiming he’s at their home to upgrade their security system.always-cares

“Something about their demeanor doesn’t seem right, don’t open the door,” said Capt. Paul Rogers with the Rio Rancho Police Department, speaking on the recent reports about the suspicious security man.

The advice comes after Rio Rancho Police shared a Facebook post from a Rio Rancho man, claiming he had an interaction with a suspicious man who said he ‘was with ADT.’

“Knocking on folks front doors, stating he was from the ADT security systems and wanted access into their home to update their security equipment,” said Capt. Rogers.

Police say at this point, no one has let the guy in to their homes in Rio Rancho. However, multiple people replied to the post on Facebook, detailing similar experiences.

A photo was also attached to the post, showing a man sitting on a front porch. According to the Rio Rancho homeowner who shared it, he took the picture because the man didn’t seem credible. He says the man had no official ADT badge or security company uniform and left in a hurry in an unmarked car after the homeowner claims he tried to call ADT to verify.

“As soon as they try making that phone call and the subject realizes what they’re doing, he makes a quick excuse and leaves the area,” said Rogers.

The homeowner who made the Rio Rancho post deleted the post on Tuesday morning, however, police say they believe it’s credible.

In late 2014, APD investigated a man who used to install equipment for ‘Security USA,’ which used to do business with ADT. According to the police report, the man eventually quit working for Security USA, but kept working with customers after he left the company.

“He was entering homes in Albuquerque under the guise of upgrading their security system,” said Capt. Rogers.

Police say the best thing you can do is to call and verify any appointment and ask for official identification.

“There’s nothing that mandates that you open the door for these folks that are selling from door to door,” said Capt. Rogers.

As for the Albuquerque security guy case, APD has forwarded it to the district attorney’s office for review. In that case, a police report accuses the suspect of taking security system equipment out of homes to either keep it or re-sell it.

So far, Rio Rancho Police say the suspicious security man isn’t wanted because he hasn’t gone into anyone’s homes or taken anything that they know of.

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