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Thanks to snow, burglary suspects’ footprints lead to capture


Snow may not be the most desirable weather to deal with, but a recent arrest of two burglary suspects in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania showed that it can actually assist in capturing criminals.

As reported by Philadelphia’s 6 Action News, police arrested Steven Dolceamore and Kelly Wilkinson on Tuesday after an undercover operation was setup to follow a string a footprints that were believed to have been related to a series of burglaries occurring around the Drexel Hill neighborhood of Upper Darby. The suspects became careless about the footprints, which can be used as evidence in a court of a law.

Dolceamore was arrested after he was spotted by the undercover operation. He initially fled when he saw police, but his attempts at getting away proved to be dire as he left footprints the entire way for police to follow.

Another string of footprints eventually lead to the car that Wilkinson was stationed in.

It is believed that the two suspects have long-been involved in a string of crimes within Delaware County of Pennsylvania, and have even earned the names “The Bonnie & Clyde of Delaware County”.

For your consideration

While the suspects in Upper Darby committed a severe oversight with their footprints, this does serve as a reminder as to how effective something so seemingly simple can be. If it is snowing outside, be cautious of any footprints outside of your home. Those who are considering making an attempt in burglarizing your home could be scoping out entrances for a later attack.

While these footprints can be useful in helping you identify a threat, it is also a good idea to leave your own footprints around your house. This will make it clear that someone has recently been home, and that it is not an empty house for anyone to enter. Be sure to use only one type of shoe or boot that you know is yours, and keep track of any others that aren’t yours.

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