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Why Digital Security Protection Matters



It’s essential to protect your home and your family from potential threats. Just as you’d lock your doors and windows to keep out home invaders, you need to have safeguards to protect your digital identity and security. After all, thieves don’t just target physical items. Digital theft is on a wide-scale rise and anyone can become a victim.

What are you currently doing to protect your digital identity? Chances are that your tablet or smart doesn’t have any sort of security. You are not alone; 75 percent of people lack digital protection on their devices. Think of all the places that you access your online information—it could be while you are at the coffee shop, the doctor’s office or many other unsecure online locations. Don’t set yourself up for a potentially horrible situation.

ADT has teamed up with McAfee to provide McAfee LiveSafe™ ADT® Security Edition. It provides digital security with cross-device flexibility, which is good across laptops, smartphones and laptops. Keep all your sensitive information secure and out of reach from people who could compromise your financial accounts, personal information and more. Nowadays, virtually everything important is accessible online— you need to make sure no one else can access sensitive information.



The Facts:

• Every day, there are over 1.5 million cyber crime victims. That number translates to an estimated 556 million victims per year.

• Over 232.4 million online identities are exposed and compromised (this includes social media accounts).

• Each day, over 600,00 Facebook accounts are compromised by phishing or other online hacking techniques.
• Cybercrime is a pandemic that cost more than $445 billion worldwide. It is estimated that the U.S. lost $100 billion alone.

McAfee states the following regarding cybercrime incentives:

“Cybercrime produces high returns at low risk and (relatively) low cost for the hackers. The two most common exploitation techniques—social engineering,
where a cybercriminal tricks a user into granting access, and vulnerability exploitation, where a cybercriminal takes advantage of a programming or implementation failure to gain access—are both surprisingly cheap.”

These days, digital security protection is just as important as having physical home security alarm. Keep what’s important safe—your future depends on it. The time is now to act before anyone targets you. Explore what type of protection ADT provides; call a customer service representative today.




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